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Christian Roby

Level Designer

Hi there! My name is Christian Roby. I graduated from Champlain College with a degree in Game Design, and I am currently working at Bend Studio as an Associate Level Designer. Some of my skills include: iterative design, world building, and level scripting.

Outside of game development, I enjoy being active. I've played ice hockey since I was 7 and I've recently picked up volleyball as well. I also love to travel and experience new places.

Below you can find some of the projects I've worked on and you can find more detailed information in the portfolio section. 

Recent Projects



Unity 3D

Senior Capstone Project

Jan - May 2022

Urban Market

Unreal Editor

Solo COD Scale Level Blockout

Jan - May 2022

Hilltop Storage

Hammer Editor​

Solo Team Fortress 2 Mod

Sept - Dec 2021

In Sunline, I was brought on as a level designer for the teams second semester of development. I was responsible for planning out, greyboxing, and set decoration for level 3. I was also responsible for adding onto the teams previous level 2 to create gameplay moments that gave players the chance to use new mechanics.

In Urban Market, I set out to create a blockout of a small scale multiplayer map that utilized Call of Duty proportions. For this map: I created a greybox blockout of the main geometry within the map and I created interactive elements with Blueprints to make the level feel more alive. This level helped me further my experience with Unreal Engine and gain more overall experience greyboxing.

In Hilltop Storage, I was the sole designer for this King of the Hill style map. I was responsible for every aspect of the project including planning, greyboxing, prop placement, texturing, and lighting. This was my first multiplayer level design project. I learned a lot about designing for not only a multiplayer space, but also how to plan for multiple classes and player types.

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