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Road Work

Role: Designer | Programmer | Artist

Team Size: Solo Project

Engine: Unity 2D

Oct 2019 – Dec 2019


Road work is a top-down 2D puzzle game that I made during my second year at Champlain College. The player controls a construction worker on his first day of work. They are tasked with pushing boxes filled with materials all over the road to their correct locations. I took inspiration for this project from the Japanese game Sokoban and Pokemon's strength puzzles.


Level Design


Level One


Level Two

Teaching the Player

Levels are laid out over a stretch of road under construction. This leads to there being three sections per level as the player makes their way along. I took this as an opportunity to help teach the player as they progress further down the level. Each section provides a different challenge for the player to figure out how to overcome.

Pushing Multiple Boxes

One thing I incorporated especially into the second level is the aspect of pushing multiple boxes. This opened my level design up to more possible combinations for the player to mess around with, and I feel that it provided the second level that extra bit of  challenge.

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