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Infinite Invasion

Role: Designer | Level Designer

Team Size: 4

Engine: Unity 2D

May 2020 - 72 Hour Game Jam


Infinite Invasion was a game jam game made by myself and three other class mates at the end of our Sophomore year at Champlain College. The theme was "Swarm", and the constraints were: only one joystick, one button, and the game must feature a high score board. This game featured a single player space ship that must fly around and protect four colony ships from an alien invasion. Aliens fly out of the two portals and lock onto one of the four ships or the player.



Colony Ships

The colony ships were placed on the four corners of the map. This was done in order to make the player explore the whole space as they come to the rescue of the different ships. Enemies only target one colony ship at a time, so if players only sit at one ship they will not see much action.


At the beginning of the jam, there was only one central portal from which enemies spawned in from. This led to players being able find a sweet spot in front of whichever ship was being attacked. To counteract this, a second portal was placed in and they were set off from the center. Enemies now came at the ships from different angles and stopped this game breaking strategy from occuring.


Level Design

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